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Tesco and the RSPB

We believe that big businesses have a pivotal role to play in tackling climate change, starting with the issue of deforestation. Together For Trees is a campaign that aims to do just that in partnership with the RSPB. With your help, we hope to save millions of trees over the course of the campaign and protect the world’s rainforests. It’s a big task, but we believe that together, we can do it.



The RSPB is the largest nature conservation charity in Europe and speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our natural environment. Its rainforest programme has pioneered innovative new approaches to saving these amazing habitats, inspiring others to follow suit. Its work on the ground is already showing exciting results and with your support it can do even more.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a registered charity: England and Wales no. 207076, Scotland no. SC037654.

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In 2006, we committed to becoming a zero-carbon business by 2050 and, in the UK, we’ve already been reducing our absolute carbon footprint for two years, while continuing to grow as a business. But we also know that we can’t do this alone and that preserving our rainforests is crucial in tackling climate change. That’s why we’ve partnered with global experts the RSPB to make a difference to an environment that’s incredibly important in all our lives. We’re confident that our goal of ending global deforestation by 2020 can be achieved, but we need your help to make it happen. If we all get together and do our bit, we can save the rainforests.

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Our rainforest work is dependent on the support from funders and partners

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