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How you can help

4 easy ways to get involved

Every donation to Together For Trees will go towards rainforest conservation and restoration work. Whether you’re shopping with us in store or simply browsing online, it’s really easy to
get involved – here are four great ways to get started:

1. Donate green
Clubcard points

Tesco clubcard

Green Clubcard points are Tesco’s way of rewarding you for living a greener lifestyle – from reusing bags* to recycling, they’re really easy to collect. Even better, you can choose to donate them to Together For Trees, so every time you collect them they will automatically go towards saving a rainforest.

Start donating your green Clubcard points now by clicking on the button below, then opt in via My Clubcard Account.

Find out how to collect green Clubcard points

2. Donate Clubcard


Help save the rainforest by donating your Clubcard vouchers directly to Together For Trees. Simply tell us online how many you’d like to give and we’ll then pay the face value of the vouchers to the RSPB for the Together For Trees programme – helping to save the world’s rainforests.

Simply click on the button below and follow the instructions.

Not a Clubcard member? Sign up here

3. Donate online
to the RSPB


It’s easy to play your part and directly contribute to Together For Trees through the RSPB website. Whatever your donation, your money will go towards supporting the RSPB’s rainforest conservation and restoration work.

To make a cash donation, simply click on the button below to go through to the RSPB website and follow the instructions – every donation will go towards helping the rainforests.

4. Buy our
reusable bags


We’ve got eight fantastic rainforest-inspired reusable bags. Every time you reuse a bag* in store we will reward you with one green Clubcard point.

Tesco will donate £75,000 from the sales of reusable bags bearing the Together For Trees logo between 21 February 2012 and 19 February 2013 to the RSPB.

Bags are available in store from 21 February 2012

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a registered charity: England and Wales no. 207076, Scotland no. SC037654.